Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Something that i've purposefully not taken a part in..

For me, YouTube is a community in which I feel if people like you they like you. There's no need in asking/begging someone to promote you, 'cause if you're good enough you'll be found.

Looking through all the other channels I find everyone is promoting someone else, and when you go to their page they're promoting back. It's too much.
I realize that they feel they'll gain in fans by helping each other out, but, it's abit fake.
"Check out my friend *insert name here*" Are you honestly even friends with them? Or are you just promoting so they promote you back? Is it all a number game based on "fans"?

A pet peeve of mine is all this spamming of YouTubers on other YouTubers channels, saying "check me out", or "ill subscribe if you do".

It's part of the music business right?
Well, I just can't be a part of it, sorry.

I'm doing this just as me. With no help from anyone else on YouTube. I want to prove that you don't have to have these sources of "friendships" to get noticed. That if you're good enough, it'll work out. & to me, I would have so much more pride in knowing that I've done it all myself rather than just making connections due to fake friendships, bonding over the same lust for success.

I'll never refer to you as "fans", 'cause to me that's not a good enough word to describe you. You're people. Not things. Not numbers. You can't be categorized as that.

And I hope that you can support me in this, even though I won't be producing names of other acts that I want you to subscribe to. I'm not ever going to try to sell you someone, if you're on my page, you're on it to see me and I'm not going to promote another act in order to get promotion back. Because, to be honest, I'm more than happy with everyone I already have watching me. Basically, you.

So, thanks for finding me i guess? I don't know how you did, but thanks. And I hope that more people do, to prove that you can enter the music industry without the use of friending other YouTubers based on their subscriber count..

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