Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Made Up Stories.

Verse 1

We'll build our bridges and then we'll cross to the good side,
Things here ain't looking good this bridge gives us one last try.
We'll defeat all odds as we push through these aching times,
'cause I know yeah I know that our hearts are two entwined.


Times are changing, but we're gonna stay the same.
Please tell me now, just say it now.
We are one, we are ooooooooooone.


Made up stories,
Shadowing all my mind,
Just make your mind up, a story like ours is hard to find.
So we breakaway, We breakway,
We breakaway from the strings that control us,
We breakaway, We breakaway, We breakway, Yeah Yeah.

Verse 2

I'm standing right beside you and you wrap your arms round tight,
You feel it too I know you do, it's more than worth the fight.
So I'm gonna stay here like superglue, forever by your side.
'Cause I swear, yeah I swear, that you're forever mine.


Chorus X2

Clodagh Moriarty 2011 ©

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