Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh happy days!

Thought I'd do a little update..

First of all! ...I'm just after getting offered an internship at NME magazine next year.
I am quite excited. Just thought I'd share!

In other news, I only have 3 more days left until I'm off to New York! While I'm over there I'll definitely be playing some open mic nights, so all the information about that will either be on here, twitter or my facebook page! So make sure you're following me on all of 'em, so you don't miss anything special! (:

I was also thinking of taking lots of pictures while I'm over in NY, and blogging quite abit. Tell me if you think that would be something you'd be interested in?

So yeah, all in all, I'm excited. Got my internship at NME, going to NY and just after finishing my second year at University. Hope you guys are having an equally good time and have lots planned for the summer! I sure do (all of which I will be updating you with soon!)

P.s. I was thinking of having a name for "you". Instead of just saying "hey guys" all the time, I want something that is more special and less generic! So if you have any ideas, be sure to send them my way. & whoever suggests the best one gets to choose whatever song they want me to cover next. A little competition. So, good luck! & I look forward to all of your suggestions! (19th of June = Deadline!)

Until next time,
Clo xx
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