Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What have you been up to?

A question that is unbelievably overused, but for the most part answered half heartedly. (insert generic answer here - "not much, been chillin'. wbu?")

But nuh uh, not my answer..
I've been pretty busy for one. It's the last week of university for me, so unfortunately it's packed full of exams, rehearsals and performances. Had my first exam today, Music and Perception, fun times. Sad part was I brought in a cookie and was told I couldn't eat it during the exam. I was literally heartbroken. I know, my bad. Should have known. But I never believed they could outcast such a beautiful art-form. Anyways, enough about the cookie. (Did you find yourself reading that line in a funny accent in your head too?)

Found myself songwriting today after the exam, not inspired by the actual exam though. A sneak peek of the lyrics "But I will not stand the time, And I will fail everytime. In your eyes I'm careless, In your heart I can't be, In your eyes I'm worthless. But to me, you're everything." Hopefully, I'll get enough time to finish writing it in the next few days and you'll see the full version up on YouTube. At the moment it's sounding very acoustic-folky, quite Mumford & Sons-y.

If you've been following me on Twitter (@zanyclo) or Facebook (@imzanyclo), you'll see that I was working at the Camden Crawl over the weekend. If you haven't previously heard about the Camden Crawl festival, it's basically a series of gigs in bars and venues over a 2 day period throughout Camden Town and Kentish Town in London. This year it featured acts such as Razorlight and The View, plus loads of up and coming Indie/Alternative acts. Overall, it's a really great idea having streets of bars/venues all featuring live bands, with which you can pick and choose to see.
Since I was working for the festival I got a weekend pass and set out to see lots of lovely bands, both during and after work. All in all the festival = sun shining and music playing. Good times.

In other news, there's only 19 more days until I'll be in NY. This, admittedly, I cannot wait for. There is so much I want to do while I'm over, including playing a few gigs. So keep your eyes peeled for information about the venues I'll be playing whilst I'm there! I'll put it all up here. (Definitely heading to Splish Splash on Long Island when I'm over, it's pretty much a must on my list of things to do/see!) ((Google it to see why I'm excited!)) I might even write a song about, wait and see!

Also, has anyone else found that the sun tends to come out when you're sitting in an exam, trying to study or do coursework? It's blatantly playing hard to get. Tease.

P.s. I'll leave you with some pictures that I feel relate to my post.

"been chillin'. wbu?"


Until next time, misters and misses.

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