Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Even the word makes me shiver.

Okay, so. I can't say I have many fears. But ever since I can remember spiders were a major dislike of mine. They're cool doing their own thing, making webs and what not. But, when they come into MY house. This opinion of mine changes.

It's not like I perch myself up in it's web, so why does it make its home in mine? It literally has the whole world to live in, but nope, decides to live with me. Great.

ANYWAYS, the reason for such a random blog post is this.. I had a lovely day, towards the end of the night I watched a bit of late night tv and was off to bed. Go down to my bedroom, turn on the light and see this blurry black vision in the corner of my eye.

Now, firstly, this light in my room is one of those energy saving lightbulbs, it takes a few minutes to kick into full power, therefore, leaving me in this unknown territory for what seemed like an absolute age. Meanwhile I'm standing in my room, squinting, trying to make out this massive blob on my wall.

Light eventually kicks in, much to my dislike, as by this stage I'm pretty up close and personal with this MONSTROSITY. There literally was no other way to describe it. I nearly fell off my bed with utter shock.

This thing was the size of my hand, it had fangs the size of my nails. Absolutely effin' ridiculous for Ireland tbh. How could something grow to this sort of caliber in such a terrible climate. It seems to me that since I've been growing up the spiders have been getting bigger and bigger also. Not cool.

Got a bit side tracked there.. moving on, I was left in this position. Everyone else was asleep in the house. I couldn't ring for back up. &To be honest, it was too big to fight.
So I was left with no other option than.. to suck it up in the hoover.

Now, this was not a drastic decision. Oh no, I sat there and envisioned what would be the best option to remove this animal from my room. I couldn't kill it. I couldn't capture it in a glass, as no glass was big enough. I had to hoover it.

So, I plug the hoover in, take the top off the hoover so it only has the thin bit at the top (perfect for spider catchin') and I place it directly in front of this monstrosity. Now, I considered many a possibility, the spider could jump, I could jump, everyone in the house could wake up. But y'know what, I thought it was the best option I had. So I took my chance, pressed the on button and sucked up that fecker. Not with ease may I just add! It gripped to the wall with all its might, but I got it in the end. I then proceeded to run with the hoover out of my room and into the study, slam the door and that was that.

But now I'm left with this uneasy feeling, wondering are there any more? Ughhh, I hate spiders. I'm gonna stay up until sunrise, or until someone else in the house wakes up. Get comfort and pity off them and then go to sleep. Plan.

Ciao. x
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