Hi - my name's Clo. I'm a twenty something currently living in Dublin, spending most of my time writing, photographing, youtube video making and playing music.

I started zanyclo in 2006, at the youthful age of 16. I originally started up a YouTube channel, made up of videos of myself singing and playing guitar and some vlogs too. Starting in 2017, I have expanded it - now covering lifestyle, fashion and beauty.

I began my blog in 2010, it was a great way to unleash my writing and thoughts (i studied English Literature in Uni). If you go back to posts from 2013 and beyond, you'll find some gems, 'Spiders' is one of my favourite posts to date. And nope, I'll never delete them! They're way too nostalgic.

This little space of the internet shows everything I'm passionate about and love to talk about. I just hope you like it.

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